Kaddy Products

Kaddy products are what you want. We have what you are looking for so do not wait for me to contact you. Contact us.
We have Aprons, Bags, Belts and More.
With our products for hair stylists we have a pocket for all of your tools. We know that you have spent time looking for your clippers right after you threw them out in the garbage along with the trimmings.
Our mission is to


  1. Make a product that makes the service industry job easier and more efficient.
  2. Have pockets to organize & carry your tools/supplies as needed at the site.
  3. The ability to customize the product to fit the individual needs.
  4. Create an apron that will match your uniform.
  5. Keep all of your tools within reach.
  6. Keep all of your tools organized.
  7. Keep the cost of your apron low.
  8. While making it customizable.

If you would like to contact us please reach out to us at


or mail us at

Jeffery Scott

P.O. Box 145667

Salt Lake City , UT 84488